Before the Show

Early morning arrivals for the annual Antique Boat Show at the Meredith town docks, showing Church Landing in the background along with the Town Docks Restaurant. This is a contemporary view featuring a 1928 26' Sea Lyon triple cockpit runabout, one of the original models built by John Hacker. Already tied up is a 1947 17' Chris Craft Deluxe runabout marked by the bullnose bow and automotive-style steering wheel introduced in post-war models, along with the art deco cowling on the engine hatch. Pulling in behind is a legend in the antique boat world, the late George Johnson, in his 1929 26' Chris Craft upswept triple cockpit runabout, "Workboat". Also included is "Impshi" a Gold Cup raceboat, a Lyman outboard skiff, a 1950's Chris Craft cruiser. An Italian-built Riva idles in, and the "Great Escape", formerly the US mailboat "Tonimar", emerges from the mist in the distance.

24" x 18 " • $45.00